Christ the Savior-Holy Spirit Orthodox Church
Archpriest Steven C. Kostoff
4285 Ashland Ave, Cincinnati OH 45212 - (513) 351-0907

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Parish News and Feature Articles

PARISH NEWS - If you would like to receive updates on parish life at Christ the Savior-Holy Spirit, please contact Fr. Steven and request to be added to his email distribution list.



2018 LENTEN RETREAT, with Kh. Krista West

Saturday, March 17, 9am - 4pm — SAVE THE DATE!


Envisioning the Kingdom ~

the Why and How of Beauty in the Orthodox Church

Is beauty simply a trivial pursuit or could it be the means through which we envision the Kingdom of Heaven?


Join us as we welcome noted speaker, author, and ecclesiastical tailor Krista West, as she explores the Orthodox Christian approach to beauty and why beauty is such an important part of the Orthodox tradition.


Full details and schedule now available, plus info on our distinguished guest speaker and retreat leader. Online registration coming soon. We hope you can join us!


The Divine Liturgy of the Orthodox Church
Meaning, Preparation & Practice

by Archpriest Steven C. Kostoff

Third Edition, with a new Epilogue by the author...

Seekers, catechumens and Orthodox faithful alike will be blessed by this trustworthy and inspiring guide to the Divine Liturgy and the Life in Christ, composed by our beloved pastor, a faithful presbyter of the Orthodox Church in America.

Paperback, 64 pages, full color cover; $9.99 retail.

Full info here, plus special link to order with a 20% discount!



Dear Parish Faithful,

The parish food pantry will next be open to the neighborhood on Saturday, January 13. Below is a list of items we could use.

- ravioli
- canned fruit and fruit cups
- cereal bars
- canned beans

For the following, we have some, might need a few more:
- boxed meals
- canned meat/fish
- toothbrushes

Thank you, as always to the parish, for so faithfully supporting this important ministry.

Please visit our Food Pantry Ministry page for full info...

PARISH CALENDAR SYNC — NEVER MISS ANOTHER SERVICE OR EVENT! — This is a wonderful feature of our website, as once you sync our calendar to your iPhone, iPad, Android device, PC or Mac, it will automatically update as we post our parish schedule on our pop-up calendar. Just use the provided sync buttons to enable. Our calendar is featured on our Home page and our Schedule page. Learn more here.


SUBMIT PRAYER REQUESTS ONLINE - Our Ministries Page now has an easy to use Prayer Request Form, so you may place your prayer requests straight from our website. You can also use the form to have your email address added to our Prayer Chain.


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Our Journey to Pascha begins Monday, February 19 as we enter the Great Fast of Lent. Join us for the unique Lenten services, which serve as a "school of repentance" through their "joy-producing sorrow."

Our parish website has numerous resources for your Lenten journey, covering the Sundays of Lent, the special weekday services, and much more. We also feature a handy Lenten schedule in PDF format or available in church. Sync your smartphone, tablet and PC to our online calendar and never miss a service.

Christ the Savior is hosting the annual Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers this year: Sunday, Feb 25, 6:00pm. Pan-Orthodox Vespers with members from regional churches, followed by a multi-ethnic lenten meal in our newly renovated church hall.

And, we invite you to join us on Saturday, March 17 for our 2018 Lenten Retreat, with special guest speaker Kh. Krista West. (See the separate news story on this page.)

The Pan-Orthodox Choir for the 2016 Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers, held that year at St George Serbian Orthodox Church
The Pan-Orthodox Choir for the 2016 Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers, held that year at St George Serbian Orthodox Church
The Pan-Orthodox Choir for the 2016 Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers, held that year at St George Serbian Orthodox Church



  • Sunday, Feb. 25, 6:00pm
  • Lenten dinner to follow in our church hall.

Join us for this annual Pan-Orthodox Vespers with concelebrants and parishioners from regional Orthodox churches, to be followed by a multi-ethnic Lenten meal and fellowship in our newly renovated church hall. We are honored to host this event this year, and hope you can join us!

Guests & Visitors: map & directions to our church here. We look forward to seeing you!

Learn more about the Triumph of Orthodoxy, the Restoration of the Holy Icons, and this important annual commemoration.


We had a wonderful weekend with Bp. Paul in our midst, December 16-17. The church was filled for the Liturgy and most remained after for the fine banquet which followed. Relive the experience through a photo gallery of this special event in the life of the parish.

Our Photo Gallery also features over 400 photos from more than twenty events in the life of the parish in 2017. We hope you enjoy looking back over the feasts, special events, baptisms, and more, even as we look ahead to 2018. Also includes our Parish 40th Anniversary celebration, Fall Retreat, and other events from Autumn 2016.  Proceed to our Photo Gallery page...



New Semester at XU - I will begin teaching again at Xavier University next Monday as the Spring semester begins on January 8. I will be teaching a course entitled "Christian Mysticism," but actually it will be a course on Orthodox Christian Spirituality, as I will concentrate on the Eastern Church's emerging and developing spiritual Tradition beginning with the Scriptures. If this sounds remotely interesting, I am free to have visitors to my classroom, so let me know if you would ever like to "drop in." I am providing an attachment to the Course Outline for the first eight weeks if you would like to see some of the upcoming subjects. — Fr. Steven