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Scripture Study Archives


The Scriptures come from the heart of the Church's living tradition, and in our archives of Fr. Steven's annual Summer Bible Study you can find a wealth of insights into many books and teachings of the New Testament. These archives have helpful descriptive summaries, and many years also have detailed discussion outlines and other materials included.


•  Read Fr. Steven's meditation, The Bible Study and Christian Martyria


We hope you can join us for upcoming sessions, as we strive to deepen our Life in Christ by, in the words of St John Chrysostom, "swimming in the sacred scriptures!"


2018 - Exploring the Truth that God is Light and Love - The Three Catholic Epistles of St John

2018 - 'By the Sea of Tiberias' - A Special Study of the Resurrection through JN 21

2017 - The Gospel According to St John, Ch. 12-20: 'Now is the Son of Man Glorified...'

2016 - The Gospel According to St John, Ch. 1-11: 'The Book of Signs' (Our return to this popular study.)

2015 - The Book of Revelation: Ch. 1-11

2014 - The Pastoral Epistles of the Apostle Paul to Timothy & Titus

2013 - 'The Kenotic and Cosmic Christ': A Study of Philippians and Colossians

2012 - The Gospel According to St John, Ch. 1-11: 'The Book of Signs'

2011 - The Epistle to the Romans