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Announcing Orthodox Journeys Church School Curriculum






Christ the Savior-Holy Spirit is pleased to announce our adoption of the new Orthodox Christian Church School Curriculum and Study Guide Program, Orthodox Journeys.


This highly developed and professionally implemented educational resource provides outstanding lessons taken from the Scriptures and other sources of Holy Tradition for each Sunday of the year and all the Great Feasts (and many lesser feasts and saints' days), complete with guides and handouts for teachers and parents to share with their students and children, as well as study guides tailored to student age categories from grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12.


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Orthodox Christian Education

Christ the Savior ~ Holy Spirit
provides ongoing Christian Education for all age groups.

With a thriving Church School program for our many youth, annual Summer Bible Study and Fall Adult Education Classes, a regular Reading Circle featuring classic literature, a longstanding tradition of Spiritual Retreats led by some of Orthodoxy's most noted speakers, and a variety of other opportunities for young and mature alike, our Christian Education Ministry seeks to not only instruct and inform, but to truly help form in us an ever deepening faith, imbued with the 'savor of Orthodoxy'.

You are invited to explore our Education Ministry through the different sections listed at the top of this page. For further information, please contact Fr. Steven.