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The Divine Liturgy - Meaning, Preparation, & Practice

Announcing a new edition of a modern classic, a clear guide to the Divine Liturgy. Perfect for inquirers and catechumens, high school and college students, and anyone seeking a solid but concise reference on the pinnacle of Orthodox Chistian worship...


The Divine Liturgy of the Orthodox Church
Meaning, Preparation & Practice


by Archpriest Steven C. Kostoff

Third Edition, with a new Epilogue by the author


“The Spirit fills the unfolding order of the Liturgy with a presence that makes it truly ‘divine’.”


This slim but richly insightful guide to the pinnacle of Orthodox Christian worship, by Fr. Steven Kostoff, pastor of Christ the Savior-Holy Spirit Church in Cincinnati, Ohio (OCA, Midwest Diocese), expresses the renewal of liturgical theology set forth by Protopresbyter Alexander Schmemann, who defined it as “the elucidation of the meaning of worship.”


Uniting scripture, theology and doxology with a practical discussion of the many facets of our liturgical actions, Fr. Steven helps us understand and enter into the heart of worship as “the revelation and expression of our Orthodox Faith.”


From the Introduction:

Just what do we do when we come to church? What is the purpose and meaning of our actions? What is the connection between theology and practice? The external and the internal? The form and content of worship? These are some of the practical questions that we will deal with as we examine our liturgical piety in the Church.



Seekers, catechumens and Orthodox faithful alike will be blessed by this trustworthy and inspiring guide to the Divine Liturgy and the Life in Christ, composed by a faithful presbyter of the Orthodox Church in America.


This Third Edition features a new Epilogue by the author, ‘Great Vespers & Christian Martyria’, and a new special article, ‘Eucharistic Beings’, plus two appendices, ‘On Preparing to Receive Communion in a Worthy Manner’, and ‘On Being a Reader in the Church’.


Paperback, 64 pages, full color cover, with black & white illustrations throughout; $9.99 retail.


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