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CBS 60 Minutes Special on Mt Athos

Order the DVD Now!
Order the DVD Now!
Updated February 28, 2016

CBS 60 Minutes | Mount Athos Special

(This message from Fr Steven was originally sent to the parish on April 27, 2011, during Bright Week.)

Dear Parish Faithful,

I know that some of you watched 60 Minutes on Sunday evening, and were impressed by the coverage given to Mt. Athos, clearly the main story of this segment of that popular program.  All things considered, I thought that it was well-done, with a good and respectful script accompanying the breathtaking views of the “holy mountain,” the interiors of the large and beautifully frescoed monasteries, and the interviews with some of the monks.  For many, Mt. Athos has remained the heart of the Orthodox world since its foundation in the 10th c. during the Byzantine era of the Church’s existence.  I am hoping that in the not-too-distant-future we can perhaps watch this segment together as a larger discussion group.

in Christ,
Fr. Steven

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The Arsenal of Philotheou

Reminiscences of Mount Athos

Photos taken on two pilgrimages to the Holy Mountain in 1988 and 1990.

(18 images)

The Arsenal of Philotheou
The Coast with the Holy Mountain in the Distance
Fr Alexander Atty during Great Entrance, Theophany, St Anne's Skete
From the Center of the Peninsula
New Skete, taken from a high footpath
The docks at Ourinapolis, the departure port for Mt Athos
Outside Fresco at the Church of the Protaton, Karyes, Mt Athos
Deisis Fresco, Church of the Protaton, Karyes, Mt Athos
Awaiting the General Resurrection
To Philotheou, or Iveron?
Prayer Shrine along the Way; Pilgrims keep the lampada lit
Simonopetras Monastery from the sea
A small kalyve at St Anne's Skete, sunset
Stavronikita Monastery
Porch at Stavronikita
St George Chapel at St Anne's Skete
Gardens and Olive Grove at St Paul Monastery
St Paul Monastery beneath the Peak of Athos