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St John Maximovitch of San Francisco and Shanghai


Welcome to our Special Page honoring St. John the Wonderworker, Archbishop of Shanghai & San Francisco,


who shown forth in America. Several of our parishioners have venerated St. John's relics in the Cathedral he built in San Francisco. Scroll down for a powerful sermon by St John, resources on his life, books and icons available for ordering, and a recent DVD production about this beloved modern saint. St John's witness, instruction and intercessions have changed lives - May we have his blessing!


St John is commemorated on July 2, and on the Sunday of All Saints of North America (the second Sunday after Pentecost).

Akathist to St John Maximovitch

Icon with Scenes from the Life of St John
Icon with Scenes from the Life of St John
Icon with Scenes from the Life of St John
Painting of St John caring for his orphans in Shanghai
Painting of St John caring for his orphans in Shanghai
Painting of St John caring for his orphans in Shanghai
New for 2019!




St. John the Wonderworker of Shanghai and San Francisco is especially important and dear to us; after all, there are still people alive who knew him personally, and all who have recourse to his prayful intercessions are never left unheard. He seems to have truly been a saint for our latter time—a time of instability, when we have nothing staid to cling to, and must cling only to God. As it fell to St. John to move throughout the whole world—he even reposed while pastorally travelling—he was always firmly anchored in God, and never lost the thread of love that bound him to his flock scattered across the four corners of the globe. Let us pray to this glorious archpastor, who is so close to us!


Tone 8

Kontakion I


Chosen wonderworker and superb servant of Christ, who pourest out in the latter times inexhaustible streams of inspiration and multitude of miracles. We praise thee with love, and call out to thee:
Rejoice, O holy Hierarch John, wonderworker of the latter times.


Ikos I


An angel in the flesh wast thou manifested in the latter times by the grace of God Who ever careth for men. Seeing the beauty of thy virtues, we thy children now cry out to thee:
Rejoice, thou who didst live in virtue from earliest childhood.
Rejoice, thou who didst ever live in fear of God and do His holy will.
Rejoice, thou who didst manifest the grace of God in numberless virtues.
Rejoice, thou who didst mystically hear the distant prayers of those in distress.
Rejoice, thou who wast filled with love for thy fellow men and didst do all possible for their salvation.
Rejoice, thou who dost bring joy to all who pray to thee in faith and love.
Rejoice, O holy Hierarch John, wonderworker of the latter times.


Kontakion 2


Seeing the abundance and variety of thy virtues. O holy Hierarch, we see in thee a living source of God's wonders in our time. Thou dost refresh with thy love and miracles all who cry in faith to God: Alleluia.


Ikos 2


Being filled with love. Thou wast also filled with theology. O holy Father. And in thee the knowledge of God flowed forth again in love for suffering men. Do Thou teach us also know the true God in love as we call out to thee in admiration.
Rejoice. firm stronghold of Orthodox truth
Rejoice. precious vessel of the gifts of the Holy Spirit
Rejoice. righteous accuser of impiety and false doctrine
Rejoice ardent doer of the commandments of God
Rejoice. severe ascetic who gavest thyself no repose
Rejoice, loving shepherd of the flock of Christ
Rejoice, O holy Hierarch John, wonderworker of the latter times.


Kontakion 3


By God's mercy thou wast manifest as a father to orphans and instructor of the young, raising them in the fear of God and preparing them for the service of God. Therefore all thy children look to thee with love and cry out with gratitude to God:


Ikos 3


Dwellers in heaven should be praising thee and not we on earth, for our words are feeble beside thy deeds. Yet offering to God what we have we cry out to thee thus:
Rejoice Thou who didst protect thy children by thy constant prayer.
Rejoice Thou who didst ever guard thy flock by the sign of the Cross.
Rejoice, Thou whose love knew no bounds of country or race
Rejoice, bright luminary beloved by all.
Rejoice, model of spiritual meekness.
Rejoice, giver of spiritual consolation to those in need.
Rejoice, O holy Hierarch John, wonderworker of the latter times.


Kontakion 4


Bewildered by thy deeds of piety and love, we know not how to praise thee worthily, O Hierarch John. Thou didst travel to the ends of the earth to save thy people and preach the gospel to those in darkness. Thanking God for thine apostolic labors, we cry out to Him:


Ikos 4


The people of many lands beheld thy life and marveled at God's mercies even in these latter times. And so we also, marveling, cry out in awe:
Rejoice, enlightener of those in the darkness of unbelief.
Rejoice, thou who didst follow thy people to the farthest East and West.
Rejoice, fountain of miracles poured out by God.
Rejoice, Ioving chastiser of those who have gone astray.
Rejoice, speedy comfort to those who repent of their sins.
Rejoice, support of those who go on the right path.
Rejoice, O holy Hierarch John, wonderworker of the latter times.


Kontakion 5


Thou wast manifest as a vehicle of God s power to stop the destructive forces of fallen nature, O holy Hierarch, preserving thy people on the island from the deadly wind and storm by thy prayer and the sign of the Cross, So preserve us also who cry our in wonder unto God:


Ikos 5


All who have trusted in thy help in desperate circumstances and adversities have found deliverance, O bold intercessor before the Throne of God. Therefore, we too do place our hope in thee to protect us in dangers by thy prayers before God as we call out to thee:
Rejoice, thou who didst stop the powers of nature from doing harm to thy flock.
Rejoice, thou who providest by thy prayer for all in need.
Rejoice, inexhaustible bread for the hungry.
Rejoice, abundant wealth for those who live in poverty.
Rejoice, consolation for those in sorrow.
Rejoice, quick uplifting for those Who have fallen.
Rejoice, O holy Hierarch John, wonderworker of the latter times.


Kontakion 6


Thou wast manifest as a new Moses, leading his flock out of slavery, O Hierarch John. Do deliver us also from slavery to sins and the enemies of God as we cry out to God:


Ikos 6


Thou didst do the impossible and persuade the authorities of this world to have pity on thy flock, O good shepherd. Do pray for us now that we may live in peace and quiet, saving our souls as we gratefully cry to thee:
Rejoice, helper of all who call upon thee in faith.
Rejoice, thou who deliverest from death and disaster.
Rejoice, thou who preservest from lies and slander.
Rejoice, preserver of the innocent from bonds.
Rejoice, thou who foilest the attacks of the unrighteous.
Rejoice, destroyer of lies and exalter of truth.
Rejoice, O holy Hierarch John, wonderworker of the latter times.


Kontakion 7


O lover of the saints of East and West, thou didst restore to the Orthodox Church the saints of the West, of lands which had fallen away from the truth. Now with these saints thou dost pray for us to God as we on earth cry out to God:


Ikos 7


O fervent venerator of the holy Hierarchs of Gaul, thou wast manifest in the latter times as one of them, exhorting thy flock to preserve the same Orthodox faith that they confessed, and astonishing the peoples of the West by thy holy life. Now preserve us in that same faith as we cry out to thee:
Rejoice, new Martin by thy miracles and ascetic feats.
Rejoice, new Germanus by thy confession of the Orthodox faith.
Rejoice, new Hilary by thy divine theology.
Rejoice, new Gregory by thy love for God's saints.
Rejoice, new Faustus by thy gentle love and monastic fervor.
Rejoice, new Caesarius by thy firm yet loving rule of the Church of God.
Rejoice, O holy Hierarch John, wonderworker of the latter Times.


Kontakion 8


At the end of thy life, O holy Hierarch, thou wast called to the New World, to offer there thy witness of ancient Christianity and to suffer persecution for thy righteousness, thus perfecting thy soul for heaven. Now marveling at thy patience and long-suffering, we all cry out to God:


Ikos 8


O laborer of Christ's vineyard who knew no rest even at the end of thy much-toiling life, help us now in our labors as we strive to be faithful to Christ, crying out in praise to thee:
Rejoice, thou who didst endure to the end and so attain salvation
Rejoice, thou who wast deemed worthy to die before the icon the Mother of God.
Rejoice, thou who didst keep thy faith and courage in the midst of unjust persecution.
Rejoice. thou who didst labor to the end for thy flock and meet death sitting as a hierarch.
Rejoice thou Who didst return through the air to be buried amidst the flock.
Rejoice thou who workest Wonders for those who come to thy Sepulchre with faith and love.
Rejoice, O holy Hierarch John wonderworker of the latter times.


Kontakion 9


All angel-kind rejoiced at thy soul's ascent to their celestial home marveling at the wonders thou didst perform on earth through the action of the Holy Spirit. to whom we sing:


Ikos 9


Orators find it impossible to describe thy life of sanctity with their many and eloquent words, O righteous John for thou didst become a living house for the power of the ineffable God. Yet, unable to fall silent at the wonder shown to our age of feeble faith, we glorify thee:
Rejoice, divine palace where from the counsel of the Good King is given.
Rejoice, small and humble abode containing the spacious beauty of angels mansions.
Rejoice thou who didst gain a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.
Rejoice, infirmary wherein all manner of diseases are divinely healed.
Rejoice closet wherein thy holy labor of prayer was hidden.
Rejoice, blessed temple of the Holy Spirit.
Rejoice O holy Hierarch John, wonderworker of the latter times.


Kontakion 10


Wishing to save the world, the Saviour of all hath sent a new saint among us and through him hath called us out of the dark recesses of sin. Hearing this call to repentance, the unworthy ones in turn cry out to God:


Ikos 10


Thou art a wall sheltering us from adversity, O Hierarch John, for through thy heavenly intercessions we are delivered from the attacks of demonic passions and from afflictions which beset us on earth. Before thy firm support of prayer, we cry with faith:
Rejoice, sight to the blinded.
Rejoice, strength and life to those on the bed of death.
Rejoice, God-revealed advice to those in doubt and confusion.
Rejoice, refreshing water to those perishing in the heat of sorrow .
Rejoice, Ioving father to the lonely and abandoned.
Rejoice, holy teacher of those who seek the Truth.
Rejoice, O holy Hierarch John, wonderworker of the latter times.


Kontakion 11


Thy life was a hymn to the Most Holy Trinity, surpassing others in thought, word and deed, O most blessed John. For with much wisdom thou didst explain the precepts of the true Faith, reaching us to sing with faith, hope and love to the one God in Trinity:


Ikos 11


We see thee as a radiant lamp of Orthodoxy amidst the darkness of ignorance, O God-chosen pastor of Christ's flock, our Father John, for even after thy repose thou dost speak the truth to the ignorant and give instruction to those who seek guidance and to all who cry to thee:
Rejoice, radiance of divine wisdom to those in ignorance. Rejoice, rainbow of quiet joys for the meek.
Rejoice, thunder to stubborn sinners.
Rejoice, lightning of the zeal of God.
Rejoice, rain of God's dogmas.
Rejoice, shower of theological thoughts.
Rejoice, O holy Hierarch John, wonderworker of the latter times.


Kontakion 12


Grace hath been poured out in the last days upon us all. Beholding this grace come forth from a holy hierarch who once did walk among us, let us receive it with reverence and thanksgiving, crying to God:


Ikos 12


Singing in praise to God, the heavenly choir of saints rejoiceth that He hath not forsaken the fallen and unbelieving world, but hath manifested His almighty power in thee, his meek and humble servant. O blessed John, with all the saints we greet thee and give honor to thee:
Rejoice, new star of righteousness shining in heaven's firmament.
Rejoice, new prophet who wast sent before the final unleashing of evil.
Rejoice, new Jonah warning all of the wages of sin.
Rejoice, new Baptist drawing all to a life of prayer and repentance.
Rejoice, new Paul suffering to preach the gospel in the spirit of truth,
Rejoice, new apostle whose miracles instill in us faith and awe.
Rejoice, O holy Hierarch John, wonderworker of the latter times.


Kontakion 13


O holy and most wondrous Hierarch John, consolation for all the sorrowing, accept now our prayerful offering that through thy prayers to our Lord we may be spared gehenna and by thy God-pleasing intercession we may cry eternally:
Alleluia (Thrice).


Ikos 1 and Kontakion 1 are read again.


Ikos 1


An angel in the flesh wast thou manifested in the latter times by the grace of God Who ever careth for men. Seeing the beauty of thy virtues, we thy children now cry out to thee.
Rejoice, thou who didst live in virtue from earliest childhood.
Rejoice, thou who didst ever live in fear of God and do His holy will.
Rejoice, thou who didst manifest the grace of God in numberless virtues.
Rejoice, thou who didst mystically hear the distant prayers of those in distress.
Rejoice, thou who wast filled with love for thy! fellow men and didst do all possible for their salvation.
Rejoice, thou who dost bring joy to all who pray to thee in faith and love.
Rejoice, O holy Hierarch John, wonderworker of the latter times.


Kontakion 1


Chosen wonderworker and superb servant of Christ, who pourest out in the latter times inexhaustible streams of inspiration and a multitude of miracles. We praise thee with love, and call out to thee:
Rejoice, O holy Hierarch John, wonderworker of the latter times.


Prayer to Holy Hierarch John, Wonderworker of Shanghai and San Francisco


O beloved Hierarch John, while living amongst us thou didst see the future as if present, distant things as if near, the hearts and minds of men as if they were thine own. We know that in this thou wast illumined by God, with Whom thou wast ever in the mystical communion of prayer, and with Whom thou now abidest eternally. As thou once didst hear the mental petitions of thy far-scattered flock even before they could speak to thee, so now hear our prayers and bring them before the Lord. Thou hast gone over unto the life unaging, unto the other world, yet thou art in truth not far from us, for heaven is closer to us than our own souls. Show us who feel frightened and alone the same compassion that thou didst once show to the trembling fatherless ones. Give to us who have fallen into sin, confusion and despair the same stern yet loving instruction that thou didst once give to thy chosen flock. In thee we see the living likeness of our Maker, the living spirit of the Gospel and the foundation of our Faith. In the pure life that thou hast led during our sinful times, we see a model of virtue, a source of instruction and inspiration. Beholding the grace bestowed upon thee, we know that God hath not abandoned His people. It is rather we that have fallen from Him, and so must regain the likeness of Divinity as thou hast done. Through thine intercession, O blessed one, grant that we may increase our striving toward our heavenly homeland, setting our affections on things above, laboring in prayer and virtue, waging war against the attacks of our fallen nature. Invoke the mercy of God, that we may one day join thee in His Kingdom. For our deepest wish is to live forever with Him, with the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and to the ages of ages. Amen.




Tone 6:

Glorious apostle to an age of coldness and unbelief, invested with the grace-filled power of the saints of old, divinely-illumined seer of heavenly mysteries, feeder of orphans, hope of the hopeless, Thou didst enkindle on earth the fire of love for Christ upon the dark eve of the day of judgment; pray now that this sacred flame may also rise from our hearts.


Tone 5:

Like a spiritual daystar in heaven's firmament, Thou didst encompass the whole world and didst enlighten men's souls. Hence, Thy name is glorified in the East and West, for Thou shonest with the grace of the Sun of Righteousness, O John, our beloved shepherd. Wherefore, cease not to entreat Christ, that He may have mercy on our souls.




'Lantern of Grace' - New Edition of a Spiritual Classic!

New for 2018!



Lantern of Grace: Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco

In the early years of his life, Protopresbyter Valery Lukianov, the author of this memorable book, was under the spiritual guidance of St. John (Maximovitch) of Shanghai, who subsequently ordained him to the diaconate. After Archbishop John’s canonization on June 19/July 2, 1994, Father Valery set as his goal to share the miraculous events of the glorification with a wide audience of believers through the publication of his book, Lantern of Grace – in Russian (1999), followed by the English translation (2004). 

The book was reissued as an enlarged Russian edition (2010), that embraced our younger generation, including stories and reminiscences of students, altar boys, orphans, and numerous other people from various walks of life, whom St. John helped in time of need.

The present extended English edition (2017) incorporates additional material on Vladyka’s life, his repose and the funeral, the uncovering and re-vesting of his relics, preceding the canonization, and the ever memorable and joyous glorification. This book contains a collection of precious photographs of Vladyka John, a saint who was our contemporary.

As readers make their way through the pages of this book, we hope they will feel the blessing bestowed by the hand of this wondrous miracle-worker. We trust that, guided by the ever-present Hand of God, they will discover a fresh, new source of faith and hope.

Hardcover, 400 pages, $29.95

Order direct from Holy Trinity Bookstore


A Living Proof of the Burning Faith


A Living Proof of the Burning Faith: On St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco



In one of the Catholic churches of Paris, a priest strove to inspire his young people with these words: “you demand proofs, you say that now there are neither miracles nor saints. Why should I give you theoretical proofs, when today there walks in the streets of Paris a saint – Saint Jean Nu-Pieds (St. John the Barefoot)”.


* * *

“Holiness is not simply righteousness, for which the righteous merit the enjoyment of blessedness in the Kingdom of God, but rather such a height of righteousness that men are filled with the grace of God to the extent that it flows from them upon those who associate with them. Great is their blessedness; it proceeds from personal experience of the Glory of God. Being filled also with love for men, which proceeds from love of God, they are responsive to men’s needs, and upon their supplication they appear also as intercessors and defenders for them before God.” — St. John Maximovitch


* * *

What better description could be found to portray the essence of a man whose love for Christ drew him to such heights of spiritual perfection that he enkindled the faith of thousands from East to West? The life of St. John Maximovitch demonstrates more vividly than any words that true Christianity far exceeds the bounds of human “goodness”. Here is a shining reflection of the supernatural love of God which works miracles, a living proof that the burning faith of the early Christian saints still warms the earth at a time when the love of many has grown cold.

St. John did not isolate himself from the world, but he was not of this world. First and foremost he was a man of prayer. He completely surrendered himself to God, presenting himself as a “living sacrifice” and he became a true vessel of the Holy Spirit. His work as an apostle, missionary and miracle worker continues even now.

This saint of the latter times was born June 4, 1896 in the province of Kharkov. At baptism he was given the name Michael. As a child he was serious for his years and he later wrote: “From the first days when I began to become aware of myself, I wished to serve righteousness and truth. My parents kindled in me a striving to stand unwaveringly for the truth, and my soul was captivated by the example of those who had given their lives for it.”

Continue reading...


A True Student of the Saints
Six Encounters with St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco
The Veneration of St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco: Recollections of a Spiritual Son

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In The Footsteps of St John of Shanghai and San Francisco

St. John's Reliquary
St. John's Reliquary


Posted on the Russian Orthodox news site,, is a comprehensive photo essay on beloved hierarch St. John Maximovitch. Featuring over three dozen images (including some never before published), this special visual history provides a wonderful overview of the saint's life and the Russian Orthodox community in San Francisco where he was archpastor.

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Stand Fast and Watch: A Sermon by St John the Wonderworker

Stand Fast and Watch

St John Maximovitch, Archbishop of Shanghai and San Francisco

Stand fast on spiritual watch, because you don’t know when the Lord will call you to Himself. In your earthly life be ready at any moment to give Him an account. Beware that the enemy does not catch you in his nets, that he not deceive you causing you to fall into temptation. Daily examine your conscience; try the purity of your thoughts, your intentions.


There was a king who had a wicked son. Having no hope that he would change for the better, the father condemned the son to death. He gave him a month to prepare.

The month went by, and the father summoned the son. To his surprise he saw that the young man was noticeably changed: his face was thin and drawn, and his whole body looked as if it had suffered.

“How is it that such a transformation has come over you, my son?” the father asked.

“My father and my lord,” replied the son, “how could I not change when each passing day brought me closer to death?”

“Good, my son,” remarked the king. “Since you have evidently come to your senses, I shall pardon you. However, you must maintain this vigilant disposition of soul for the rest of your life.”

“Father,” replied the son, “that’s impossible. How can I withstand the countless seductions and temptations?”

Then the king ordered that a vessel be brought, full of oil, and he told his son:

“Take this vessel and carry it along all the streets of the city. Following you will be two soldiers with sharp swords. If you spill so much as a single drop they will cut off your head.”

The son obeyed. With light, careful steps, he walked along all the streets, the soldiers accompanying him, and he did not spill a drop.

When he returned to the castle, the father asked,

“My son, what did you see as you were walking through the city?”

“I saw nothing.”

“What do you mean, ‘nothing’?” said the king. “Today is a holiday; you must have seen the booths with all kinds of trinkets, many carriages, people animals…”

“I didn’t notice any of that,” said the son. “All my attention was focused on the oil in the vessel. I was afraid to spill a drop and thereby lose my life.”

“Quite right, my son,” said the king. “Keep this lesson in mind for the rest of you life. Be as vigilant over your soul as you were today over the oil in the vessel. Turn your thoughts away from what will soon pass away, and keep them focused on what is eternal. You will be followed not by armed soldiers but by death to which we are brought closer by every day. Be very careful to guard your soul from all ruinous temptations.”

The son obeyed his father, and lived happily.

Watch, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong. (I Cor. 16:13).

The Apostle gives Christians this important counsel to bring their attention to the danger of this world, to summon them to frequent examination of their hearts, because without this one can easily bring to ruin the purity and ardor of one’s faith and unnoticeably cross over to the side of evil and faithlessness.

Just as a basic concern is to be careful of anything that might be harmful to our physical health, so our spiritual concern should watch out for anything that might harm our spiritual life and the work of faith and salvation. Therefore, carefully and attentively assess your inner impulses: are they from God or from the spirit of evil? Beware of temptations from this world and from worldly people; beware of hidden inner temptations which come from the spirit of indifference and carelessness in prayer, from the waning of Christian love.

If we turn our attention to our mind, we notice a torrent of successive thoughts and ideas. This torrent is uninterrupted; it is racing everywhere and at all times: at home, in church, at work, when we read, when we converse. It is usually called thinking, writes Bishop Theophan the Recluse, but in fact it is a disturbance of the mind, a scattering, a lack of concentration and attention. The same happens with the heart. Have you ever observed the life of the heart? Try it even for a short time and see what you find.

Something unpleasant happens, and you get irritated; some misfortune occurs, and you pity yourself; you see someone whom you dislike, and animosity wells up within you; you meet one of your equals who has now outdistanced you on the social scale, and you begin to envy him; you think of your talents and capabilities, and you begin to grow proud… All this is rottenness: vainglory, carnal desire, gluttony, laziness, malice-one on top of the other, they destroy the heart.

And all of this can pass through the heart in a matter of minutes. For this reason one ascetic, who was extremely attentive to himself, was quite right in saying that

“Man’s heart is filled with poisonous serpents. Only the hearts of saints are free from these serpents, the passions.”


But such freedom is attained only through a long and difficult process of self-knowledge, working on oneself and being vigilant towards one’s inner life, i.e., the soul.

Be careful. Watch out for your soul! Turn your thoughts away from what will soon pass away and turn them towards what is eternal. Here you will find the happiness that your soul seeks, that your heart thirsts for.

Translated from Pravoslavnaya Rus and taken from
ORTHODOX AMERICA, Vol. XIV, No. 2-3, September-October, 1993

- Read the Sermon by then Hieromonk John Maximovitch, on his Election as Bishop of Shanghai in 1934.
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The Life of St John Maximovitch

Born in the Ukraine in 1896, St. John first attended a military academy but when his family fled to Yugoslavia at the time of the Russian Revolution, he then switched to study theology, was tonsured a monk, and later ordained a priest.  Because of his asceticism and great zeal, he was revered by many as a truly angelic man, an icon of a true monk.  Consecrated a bishop at age 39, in 1934 he was sent to Shanghai where he built churches, an orphanage, and a hospital.  When the Communist Party came to power in China, he fled with most of the Russian emigrees to the Philippines, going next to Paris and then Brussels.


In 1962, St. John was appointed Archbishop of Western America and San Francisco, and celebrated Divine Liturgy daily, prayed all night (sleeping only about 45 minutes a night in short naps) and visited the sick.  He comforted and healed many people, both Orthodox and non-Orthodox alike.  This great wonder-worker died in 1966.  His incorrupt relics were uncovered at his Cathedral 26 years later, and in 1994 he was glorified as a universal saint.

- A Short Life of St John in PDF format
(All Saints of North America Orthodox Church)

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- The Life and Miracles of Archbishop John Maximovitch (adapted from the book by St Herman Press)

O Holy Archpastor John,

Wonderworker of San Francisco and Shanghai,

pray unto God for us!

Revesting of the Relics of St John - October 25, 2011

On Tuesday, October 25, 2011, the relics of St. John of Shanghai & San Francisco were re-vested by the assembled clergy of the Western American Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia. I was privileged to be present at and to participate in this rite and would like to share it with the members of our diocese and my parishioners.

The relics of incorrupt saints are re-vested periodically. The re-vesting is an opportunity to examine the condition of the relics and the reliquary that houses them, and is an important part of our care for the saint. Some saints are re-vested frequently (for example, St. Spyridon’s slippers are famously replaced every year as they become worn); others are re-vested less frequently. In the case of St. John, this is the first re-vesting of the Saint to take place since his Glorification seventeen years ago.

The rite was announced to us during the morning session of our Pastoral Conference, during which Archimandrite Irenei (Steenberg) described the rubrics for the service. At Vladyka Kyrill’s suggestion, most of the clergy fasted from lunch that day to prepare for the service. All the clergy had Confession during the evening Vigil and exchanged forgiveness with each other.

Present (if I counted correctly) were the Archbishop, 23 priests and hieromonks, four protodeacons and deacons, a schema-monk, and two readers. Several of the clergy had been present during the original inspection, translation, and/or vesting of the relics prior to the glorification of the Saint in 1994.

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Sternness and Sanctity

Lessons from the Life of St John Maximovitch

It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God (Heb. 10:31).

Perhaps Hollywood movies are partially to blame, but we often have a one-sided idea of what the saints were like in their earthly lives, and forget that they did not always enjoy the continued love and respect of everyone around them. We forget that spiritual love is quite different from earthly love, and what is beneficial to us is not always what is most pleasant and comfortable.

Although we can allow that there are times when a tender pat on the head is not what is needed, the modern educational theory is to coddle and be coddled. The rod has become a thing to be spared; and anyway, how can a person rebuke another for "doing wrong" when the very concept has become hopelessly outdated, stretched beyond all recognition, and highly subjective?

Sanctity is more than good deeds, or a good personality, or even good morals; it is the acquisition of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God. We may not always understand its workings, and its action upon us may not be "comfortable." We cannot truly venerate the saints if we do not accept this fact, because as our Lord said, Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword (10:34).

St. John (Maximovitch) of Shanghai is a saint whose extraordinary life touched people of our own time. There are still people living who knew him personally. Therefore, a very clear picture has emerged of this unearthly man that leaves no doubt—as the Holy Orthodox Church has confirmed by his canonization—that he was a wonder-wonder, a clairvoyant, a saint of God. His love of God and people was so strong that he literally gave himself no rest, for he was continually engaged in prayer and service without reserving anything for himself. All his words and deeds were full of God's truth. His selfless love kept his mind always attentive to peoples' suffering, and his boldness before God wrought countless miracles of healing and salvation.

We must note, however, that although St. John was not a narrow-minded fanatic, he was stern and unyielding on matters of the faith, as we can see from his own writings and homilies and from the accounts of people who knew him. The following are a few excerpts from these writings in which we can observe this stern side of his sanctity.

Read the full article, compiled by Nun Cornelia Rees, on

Books and Icons

by St Herman Press
Children's Book!
by St John
trans. from the Russian


Writings by and about St John the Wonderworker,

as well as icons of this beloved saint, apostle on three continents, protector of orphans, healer of the sick, revered ascetic and persecuted hierarch, who significantly contributed to the spread of Orthodoxy in North America through his tireless archpastoral service, his building of the Russian Orthodox Cathedral in San Francisco, and his blessing of Orthodox publishers and monasteries.

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VIDEO ~ The Life of St John Maximovitch, DVD and Online

This excellent documentary is the first of its kind on St John Maximovitch.

Containing dozens of never before published photographs, and with interviews with many who knew St. John very well, this DVD is very inspiring and a fitting tribute of this wonderworker who is loved by Orthodox Christians all over the world. Even those thoroughly familiar with the life of St John will find this documentary contains much that they haven’t seen or heard before.

Order from Hermitage of the Holy Cross, Wayne WV.
NTSC, Color, 57 min. - New Packaging, lower price.

Watch online below via YouTube, in six parts.

(Subsequent parts will appear as 'related videos' after the first part plays.)