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Dr Peter Bouteneff welcomed by Christ the Savior-Holy Spirit - 03/31/12

Parish and Guests hear author and professor deliver two important lectures on Truth and Relativism, and Orthodoxy and Culture, share a day of fellowship in the Church.

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Dr Peter Bouteneff
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Fr Steven and our special guest, Dr Peter Bouteneff
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April 7, 2012
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Great Lent Retreat: Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dr Peter Bouteneff
Dr Peter Bouteneff

Great Lent Retreat 2012
Living the Truth in an Age of Relativism

with our distinguished guest, 
Professor Peter Bouteneff of St Vladimir's Seminary.

Saturday, March 31, 2012
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Dr. Bouteneff will lead us on considerations of the Orthodox teaching on Jesus Christ as the Truth, but always with an eye to responding to the particular challenges of the present age of relativism. Dr. Bouteneff  “addresses important questions in a powerful way, with the courage to engage in the real world” (Rev. Dr. John McGuckin). Through his unique approach to how the Truth of our Faith intersects with the shifting sands of our post-modern age, we will gain practical insights into the difficult questions that confront us each time we walk out our front doors or, more and more, pass through the virtual front doors of our computers. (Adapted from a review of Dr Bouteneff's book at

About Dr Bouteneff:

Peter C. Bouteneff teaches courses in theology, patristics, and spirituality at the seminary, where he is Associate Professor in Systematic Theology and Director of Institutional Assessment. After taking a degree in music in 1983 he lived and worked in Japan, and traveled widely in Asia and Greece. He has an M.Div. from the seminary and a doctorate from Oxford University, where he studied under Bishop Kallistos Ware. His theological interests include Christ, the Church, and the human person, but as a great fan of music and cinema he is also committed to exploring the connections between theology and popular culture, and regularly offers a course on religious themes in film. He conceived of and edits the popular "Foundations" series for SVS Press, to which he has contributed a volume on "dogma and truth" called Sweeter than Honey. His most recent book is Beginnings: Ancient Christian Readings of the Biblical Creation Narratives, published by Baker Academic Press. Tune in to his podcast on Ancient Faith Radio, Sweeter than Honey.


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Read Dr Peter Bouteneff's book,
Orthodox Thinking on Dogma and Truth

From a Review at

The central point of the book is, in fact, to confront precisely those difficult questions that accompany professing Orthodox faith in contemporary America. How can we assert that Jesus Christ is the only Truth, and the absolute Truth, in an environment that relativizes all truths to personal preferences, so that I have my truth and you have your truth, and we are both right? In addressing these core questions, Bouteneff rejects both the knee-jerk relativism of contemporary culture, as well as the triumphalism of an unthinking absolutism. In the end, the reader is given an expression of traditional Orthodox teaching on how Jesus Christ is the Truth, and the only Truth, and how the Orthodox Church is the bearer of that Truth, but always with an eye to responding to the particular questions of the present age.

There are discussions of creeds, of Scripture, of saints, of church hierarchs and of icons, but all of them geared toward the core question of how the Orthodox Church defends the Truth of the Gospel. And, because of Bouteneff's approach, the treatment of standard topics seems new, especially in the sections on Scripture and Church leadership. There is an urgent need for just such a book, especially one aimed at the non-professional. For these are not questions only asked by students and professors of theology. These are questions that confront people each time they walk out their front doors or, more and more, pass through the virtual front doors of their computers. This is an excellent introduction to the Orthodox faith, written in a unique fashion, and with a view toward contemporary debates. It can be read with profit by beginners and more advanced readers alike.

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