Christ the Savior-Holy Spirit Orthodox Church
Archpriest Steven C. Kostoff
4285 Ashland Ave, Cincinnati OH 45212 - (513) 351-0907

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  • 20


    Hieromartyr Methodius
    9:00PM Compline
  • 22


    St. Alban, Protomartyr of Britain

    8:00AM - 9:30AM Parish Breakfast at In the Life of the World Cafe
    6:00PM Great Vespers
  • 23


    Martyr Agrippina of Rome
    9:10AM Hours
    9:30AM Divine Liturgy

    1:00PM-4:00PM TORCH End of Year Gathering
  • 24


    Nativity of the Baptist
    9:30AM Divine Liturgy
    Fast free
  • 26


    Ven. David of Thessalonica
    7:30PM Bible Study
    Fast free
  • 28


    Ven. Sergius and Herman of Valaam
    7:00PM Great Vespers and Litya
    Fast free
  • 29


    Holy Apostles Peter and Paul
    9:30AM Divine Liturgy
    6:00PM Great Vespers
    Fast free
  • 30


    All Saints
    Synaxis of the 12 Apostles
    9:10AM Hours
    9:30AM Divine Liturgy
  • 2


    St. John the Wonderworker, Archbishop of Shanghai and San Francisco

    6:45PM Choir Rehearsal
  • 3


    Martyr Hyacinth
    7:00PM Vespers
    Bible Study to follow 
  • 6


    Ven. Sisoes the Great
    6:00PM Great Vespers
  • 7


    All Saints of America
    Ven. Thomas of Mt. Maleon
    9:10AM Hours
    9:30AM Divine Liturgy
SUMMER BIBLE STUDY 2024! - Wednesday evenings, beginning June 19




The Epistle to the Hebrews


7:30 pm on Wednesday evenings

beginning June 19


Vespers at 7:00 p.m.

Bible Study to follow,

in our Education Center,

bring a friend!

Class Notes for Session 1 posted.

Future class notes to be posted below throughout the Summer...

Join us for Pentecost





June 23, 2024


The Holy Spirit that Christ had promised to his disciples came on the day of Pentecost. The apostles received “the power from on high,” and they began to preach and bear witness to Jesus as the risen Christ, the King and the Lord. This moment has traditionally been called the birthday of the Church.

In the liturgical services of the feast of Pentecost, the coming of the Holy Spirit is celebrated together with the full revelation of the divine Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The fulness of the Godhead is manifested with the Spirit’s coming to man, and the Church hymns celebrate this manifestation as the final act of God’s self-disclosure and self-donation to the world of His creation...


Learn more about Pentecost in the Orthodox Church on our special page...


Read Fr Steven's Meditation, Pentecost, the Fulfillment of Pascha, plus more meditations on Pentecost...

Current Features




From Fr Steven: Bible Study to Begin -


On Wednesday evening, June 19, at 7:30 p.m. following Daily Vespers at 7:00 p.m. We will study and discuss the Epistle to the Hebrews. I am also working on a Youth Group Bible Study for this summer. More details to follow on both.



For those who are attracted to the Orthodox Church and who would like to take the "next step" in drawing closer to the Church with eventually entering into the full communion of the Church, this class is an essential beginning and component in that endeavor. If you are interested, please contact Kevin Rains or Fr Steven.

The book being read and discussed in the class is primarily Vol. 1 of Fr. Thomas Hopko's book, The Orthodox Faith - Doctrine.



is now


Teen Orthodox

Revealing Christ’s Hope


Introducing our newly-organized Parish Youth Group,  'TORCH.'  This ministry is led by Jacob & Adalia Boehne, and Rhett & Jenny Harkins. From their mission statement:



FOCUS Cincinnati Chapter

Facing the Needs of our Neighbors... Together


The links below are an ideal way to volunteer and provide your support.


1. We need volunteers for our FOCUS Meal Service initiative. Please sign up here.


2. Our Parish Food Pantry is another ministry serving our neighbors you can volunteer to help with.


3. Please consider donating to help support FOCUS. The link is here.

NOTE: Please be sure to signify "Cincinnati" when you donate. Thank you!

Thank you for all that you do to help us make FOCUS Cincinnati Successful.
Charlene Myers, director of FOCUS Cincinnati

America's Newest Saint, Matushka Olga of Alaska




UPDATED JUNE 12, 2024: New video by the Diocese of Alaska added...


Joyous News - The Orthodox Church in America has issued an official proclamation announcing the glorification of Matushka Olga of Alaska. She is now numbered among the saints whose names are on the ecclesiastical calendar! Her feast day is November 10, and she is also commemorated on the Second Sunday After Pentecost when the OCA celebrates All the Saints of North America. Please read the Proclamation on our Midwest Diocese website.


Explore our new Special Resource Page for Matushka Olga, with more info, icons, and video, and which we hope to greatly expand over the coming year.

MORE News and Features




This year we are studying:

the Epistles, the Feasts, & the Sacraments

Church School has ended for the 2023-2024 year. We will resume in the Fall. Please contact Fr Steven or our Church School Director Terrie Sauer for more info.


  • Message from Met. Tikhon on Peace in the Ukraine
  • UNICEF Update; ways to donate to aid for children in Ukraine
  • Articles & Commentary on the war
  • Suggested prayers for the suffering during the conflict,
  • Visit our UKRAINE RELIEF PAGE...

From our 2022 Pilgrimage
From our 2022 Pilgrimage
From our 2022 Pilgrimage





St. Katherine Sisterhood was blessed to visit Holy Dormition Monastery in Rives Jct MI, October 13-15th, 2023.


The monastic life is alive, vibrant, and a central dynamic force in the life of the Orthodox Church, and has been since the early 4th century, with roots going back to the Apostolic period, and even to many of the Old Testament prophets, such as Elijah. Did you know there are nearly a hundred Orthodox monasteries spread across North America? We are fortunate to have a few monasteries in our region, only three to four hours away, and we make a group pilgrimage to one of them each year. Some of our parishioners have even become monastics! 


See our special page on monasticism, and contact Fr Steven if you are interested in learning more.

Met. Tikhon at the 2024 March for Life
Met. Tikhon at the 2024 March for Life





His Beatitude Metropolitan Tikhon announced Sunday, January 21, 2024, as Sanctity of Life Sunday to be observed in parishes of the Orthodox Church in America. See Fr Steven's comments, and links to Met. Tikhon's address, plus much more on our Sanctity of Life page.


We livestream on our YouTube channel most of our services, including Great Vespers on Saturday evenings at 6:00pm, and the Hours & Divine Liturgy at 9:10am on Sunday mornings. As always, we invite you to "come and see" and join us in person, but we hope our livestream ministry may be a help and blessing whenever needed.

Our Bishops


His Beatitude, The Most Blessed

Archbishop of Washington,

Metropolitan of All America and Canada,

Orthodox Church in America (OCA)

Metropolitan Tikhon's Biography

Read Metropolitan Tikhon's Message for Pascha


His Eminence, The Most Reverend

Archbishop of Chicago and the Midwest,

Orthodox Church in America (OCA)

Archbishop Daniel's Biography

Read Archbishop Daniel's Message for Pascha

New Parish Photo

Our Parish Family, Autumn 2023!
Our Parish Family, Autumn 2023!
Our Parish Family, Autumn 2023!



Hope you were here this past Sunday, October 22, for the taking of our parish photo, our first one since 2017! A large group was indeed present, and the results are posted here, and on our Welcome Page, Photo Gallery, and Stewardship Page.


Following the photo, a perhaps understandable outburst of cheering and clapping broke out since it took some patience to set things up "just right," but here is a reminder that neither cheering nor clapping is appropriate for any services or events in the nave of the church.


Special thanks to Subdeacon Ron (Myron) Skulas for his photographic skills.

Contemporary Classics of Orthodox Literature


Read Fr. Steven's important new article, an "apologia" and guidepost on some of the great Orthodox writers and books of the 20th century, those pillars on whom our contemporary Church and writers stand. — Excerpt:


Contemporary Classics of Orthodox Literature


by Fr. Steven Kostoff

...A steady Orthodox reading discipline/program is essential in today's world perhaps more than ever. We are so ideologically bombarded from so many disparate quarters, that we need to remember who we are and what we believe! I am writing, though, with a particular concern in mind: Perhaps we are only - or mostly only - reading the most contemporary literature...


I want to make a heartfelt plea for the great writers who nurtured me, who nurtured an entire earlier generation or two, and who wrote the classics of twentieth century Orthodox literature. This is a great literature that placed Orthodoxy on the "map" both in America and in Europe and beyond - into Russia and other parts of the world. I strongly believe that we need to read these classics of the twentieth century, because these are the very books that served as the foundation for others to build on. These were books that allowed Orthodoxy to emerge from its sheltered ethnic communities; books which revived an abiding and lasting focus on the Fathers of the Church; books which completely restored the apostolic vision of the Liturgy and the Eucharist; and books that penetrated deeply into our genuine spiritual Tradition with the insights and practices that lead us to lives of holiness...


Read the complete article, with an extensive book list and brief line about each title...


Onine Parish Giving

Secure, easy, online giving.

Give towards your pledge, or make a simple donation.

Learn more and get started here  . . .

Recent Featured Stories, Events and more

Get to know us through recent parish news and feature articles...

Mary Ellen Mitchell of Lydia's House

Our thanks to Mary Ellen Mitchell for coming to speak to us of Lydia's House on Sunday, April 30, following the Divine Liturgy.


You can learn more about the ministry and community of Lydia's House through the info on this page, and help support their wonderful work via their website.

click to enlarge
click to enlarge
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The mission of Lydia’s House is to provide a supportive and stable environment for women and children in crisis. Each guest and her children will be helped to move into long term housing at the end of her stay; however, housing at Lydia’s House is as stable as possible in nature. It is a place of hope and healing as well as a springboard from which guests can seek training, new skills, and work that will provide for their needs. Women live in community, share life and meals with one another, and are encouraged in their personal spiritual journeys.



Mary Ellen Mitchell, co-founder of Lydia’s House

Mary Ellen Mitchell is a co-founder of Lydia’s House. As a collegiate volunteer, she became interested in the root causes of homelessness at the Open Door Community in Atlanta. Shortly after her graduation from Emory University, she moved back to Cincinnati, her home, and became an on-site volunteer at Grace Place, a provider of transitional housing for women and children. Professional development continued for her in Washington, DC where she worked for Jubilee Housing, a nonprofit provider of housing and supportive services. She returned to Cincinnati in 2006 and went on to hone skills in fundraising and development and complete her MA at Xavier University. Mary Ellen has been married to Ben since 2008, is a member of Bellarmine Chapel and is the mother of three children. She lives in Norwood where she's helped renovate 5 houses, 2 parks and sometimes preaches at local churches.


Download and share our flier for this special talk.






On June 30, 2020, the parish celebrated Fr Steven & Presvytera Deborah's 30 years of ministry here at Christ the Savior-Holy Spirit. View some wonderful images from the special program and meal, and read some of Father Steven's reflections on this significant anniversary.

AXIOS! and Thank you, Father Steven and Presvytera, and may God grant you Many Years!!!

View photos on our Photo Gallery...


For Our Daily Rule

Today's Scripture, Saints & Prologue

- The daily readings right here on our website



The Path - Daily scripture & commentary, inspired by the Saints


Search the Scriptures - Accessible Bible study for busy people


Daily Orthodox Scriptures - Reading Through the Bible in One Year


The Whole Counsel of God - Verse By Verse Through The Scriptures



Christ the Savior parishioner Natasha Frasch delivered a talk at the 2019 conference, Speaking the Truth in Love, held at St Tikhon's Orthodox Seminary in South Canaan PA over the November 7-9 weekend.


You can learn more about the conference here, and listen to and download the presentations at Ancient Faith Radio.



Dear Parish Faithful,
I just discovered this wonderful YouTube video featuring our parish iconographer, Fr. Andrew Tregubov, explaining the traditional method and theory behind icon painting. Quite fascinating. It is relatively short and very nicely produced. Please take the time to watch this. I invited Fr. Andrew to the parish many times, but he always had to decline because of his responsibilities in caring for his parents and in-laws. His wife, Galina, hand stitched our burial shroud that we venerate during Holy Week.
With Fr. Andrew as our iconographer, our parish is blessed with some of the best iconography being created today in North America. 
Fr. Steven


Fr Steven's book is available through the church office/bookstore, and online.

"For almost twenty years now, parishioners at Christ the Savior-Holy Spirit in Cincinnati, and friends in Christ from places near and far, have been receiving from Father Steven his 'Monday Morning Meditations' via email, or have been visiting his Orthodox Christian Meditations Blog. Now at long last a selection of Father Steven's reflections have been published in book form by Kaloros Press!"

Learn more on this special page, and purchase at the church, or order online here.


Parish Icon - The Holy Mandylion

The Patronal Icon of our Parish, by the hand of Fr. Andrew Tregubov
The Patronal Icon of our Parish, by the hand of Fr. Andrew Tregubov
The Patronal Icon of our Parish, by the hand of Fr. Andrew Tregubov

The 'Image Not Made By Hands'

Celebrated on August 16 - Learn about our Parish Patronal Feast, the Miraculous Image of Christ associated with it and its amazing story, through these special resources:

Read this OCA article about the history and feast of the 'Image Not Made By Hands', the 'Holy Mandylion'.


UPDATED FOR 2022! - Download our Orthodox bibliography on the Holy Mandylion and the Shroud of Turin 

This special PDF handout was originally produced for our 2019 Fall Retreat on the Shroud of Turin, and contains embedded links to books, articles, videos and more.

More Parish Features and Info for Newcomers . . .


CHRISTIAN EDUCATION — From our Church School program, to our Summer Bible Study, Fall Adult Classes, and Spiritual Retreats, and more, Christ the Savior-Holy Spirit offers many opportunities for deepening our faith while growing in fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Come and join us!


MONASTIC MATTERS  —  Monasticism is essential to the life of the Orthodox Church. Did you know there are about 100 Orthodox monasteries in North America,  several within only a 3-4 hour drive from us? Explore some unique features, videos and articles on Orthodox monastic life, including our annual Parish Monastery Retreats, and much more. On our Monasteries page...

An Ideal Guide to the Liturgy . . .

Meaning, Preparation & Practice

by Archpriest Steven C. Kostoff


Third Edition, with a new Epilogue by the author


Seekers, catechumens and Orthodox faithful alike will be blessed by this trustworthy and inspiring guide to the Divine Liturgy and the Life in Christ, composed by our pastor, a faithful presbyter of the Orthodox Church in America.


Paperback, 64 pages, full color cover.

Reduced price, only $7.99! Learn more and order here...


WELCOME - LET'S GET ACQUAINTED! — Get to know us through photos of parish life and of new members to Christ the Savior-Holy Spirit. Also, photos honoring Fr Steven's 30 years at Christ the Savior-Holy Spirit. All this and much more on our Photo & Video Gallery page.


PARISH MINISTRIES  —  Christ the Savior-Holy Spirit members serve in various capacities within the church, and our parish helps support various ministries in our local neighborhood, as well as regionally and even internationally. Our Ministries page describes this vibrant area of parish life in more detail. Select ministries have their own pages with additional information. If you're wondering where you might put your God-given talents to work, this is a good place to start!