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The Beloved Akathist, 'Glory to God for All Things'

In our parish, we traditionally chant this beloved Akathist around the time of the Church New Year (September 1), on the eve of the American holiday of Thanksgiving in Noivember, and occasionally at the beginning of the Civil New Year on January 1.


Below you will find links to purchase the classic recording of the Akathist on CD or digital download, as well as to download the text in PDF or HTML format.



Akathist of Thanksgiving on CD

beautifully sung by St Ignatius of Antioch Orthodox Mission, Madison, Wisconsin.

Though little is known for certain about this hymn, the text is said to have been written around 1942 by the Archpriest Gregory Petroff, one of the Christian hieromartyrs (priest martyr), while suffering before his execution in a Soviet prison camp. An estimated 45 million people or more were slain under Bolshevism and Communism, and it is in honor of the continued and living faith of these Christian martyrs that this service gives praise. The service is sung in English. The liner notes include the entire text of the Akathist of Thanksgiving.

St. Ignatius of Antioch Orthodox Christian Mission in Madison, Wisconsin, has long had a special fondness for this service. We are pleased to share with your their beautiful offering of this Akathist Service in English, hoping that others will receive as great a blessing from hearing this poignant service as they do when they pray it.

This CD also includes the hymn "O, Pure Virgin" by St. Nektarios of Aegina.

Total Recording Time: 64:42:00
Price: $17.00
CD available through
Read the Akathist online through the HTML version, or download, save and print the PDF version: