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Dr Daniel Buxhoeveden, On Science and Orthodoxy ~ Oct 11, 2011

Fr Steven, with Dr Buxhoeveden and Scott Kenworthy
Fr Steven, with Dr Buxhoeveden and Scott Kenworthy
Fr Steven, with Dr Buxhoeveden and Scott Kenworthy
Oct 13, 2011
Below is Fr Steven's recap of Dr Daniel Buxhoeveden's October 11, 2011 talk on Science and Christianity in Dialogue, the full text of which is posted on Fr Steven's Meditations blog.

We are very grateful to Dr Buxhoeveden for working us into his schedule, and to fellow parishioner Scott Kenworthy for arranging it in conjunction with Dr Buxhoeveden's presentations at Miami University.

Below Fr Steven's remarks are links to Dr Buxhoeveden's website and some outstanding talks by him, Fr John Breck, and others. We will host this information permanently on our Education Section archives.

Overcoming the Conflict between Science and Religion
Fr. Steven Kostoff

Yesterday evening, we were treated to a very stimulating lecture/power point presentation by Dr. Dan Buxhoeveden from the University of South Carolina.
  This event was well-attended, for there were over forty participants, and with only a few guests, this means that our parish was well-represented for a weeknight event.  I hope that everyone found it as enjoyable as I did. Though the title of the lecture was “Science and Christianity in Dialogue,” Dr. Buxhoeveden expanded his presentation so that it included a quick overview of how science and religion have related – or have uneasily related – over the centuries; together with what I thought was an insightful critique of what he termed “scientific imperialism.”  In his estimation this is the position that science can essentially explain all of reality, and ultimately make pronouncements on the existence or non-existence of God.  This unwarranted venture into the realms of philosophy and metaphysics only results in the false religion of scientism.  Elsewhere, he has written that this scientism is “a vacuum cleaner that desires to swallow all knowledge into the confines of its bag of dust.” I thought that the lecture effectively undermined such claims, while remaining respectful and appreciative for what science has contributed over the centuries to our understanding of the natural world on both the macro- and micro-cosmic levels of reality.  In other words, science can explain a great deal about reality, but cannot claim a competency to explain all of Reality.  The sum total of scientific truths do not equal the Truth.  If I recall correctly, I believe that Dr. Buxhoeveden asked the question:  How can science explain everything when we do not know what this Everything is? 
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