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Fr. Thomas Hopko ~ Lenten Retreat 2010

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Updated February 6, 2010

The inimitable Fr. Thomas Hopko (I was going to say "the one and only," but that somehow doesn't quite fit) will be leading a one-day retreat in our parish on Saturday, February 27. Fr. Hopko remains a very dynamic speaker and an excellent theologian who has a great gift for conveying the deepest elements of the Orthodox Faith in a very exciting and accessible manner. Please put this date on your calendar and make a point of committing your time during Great Lent to deepening your understanding and experience of the mystery of Christ.


8:30am - Divine Liturgy
10:15am - Lenten Brunch
11:00am - Session I; Q&A to follow
12:45pm - Lunch
2:00pm - Session II; Q&A to follow
3:45pm - Vespers

Requested registration donation: $20
Couples/families: only $30
College students welcomed at n/c as guests of the parish.
Please RSVP by phone to 513-351-0907,
or by email to
Maps and Directions here.

Wrap-up of our Great Lent Retreat with Fr. Thomas Hopko (Mar 1, 2010)

By all accounts we had a remarkably successful retreat on Saturday.  We had tremendous participation with many guests from all around the tri-state area and very good parish participation.  Mickey Callender informed me that the "count" for Saturday morning was 122.  Everything went smoothly, with great help by many of our parish faithful in preparing, serving and cleaning-up.  As usual, our lenten meals were delicious.  Fr. Hopko was his usual dynamic self, with two wonderful presentations on "The Crucified and Glorified Messiah."
I am wondering if Fr. Hopko's inspiring talks will lead to the following:

  • greater parish participation in the liturgical services for the remainer of Great Lent and then Holy Week;
  • more reading of the Holy Scriptures;
  • a greater sense of commitment to prayer, almsgiving and fasting;
  • a thorough and heartfelt confession of sins;
  • a renewed sense of love of both God and neighbor;
  • and a re-examination of the nature of our commitment to the "crucified and glorified Messiah" - our Lord Jesus Christ - to mention some of the more immediate expressions of our Orthodox Christian Faith.
I believe that the real fruits of a great retreat are found in the longer-lasting results of personal transformation that extend beyond the initial enthusiasm generated by the event itself.  Hopefully, that will be the case with all of us who were present on Saturday for a wonderful retreat.

Fr. Steven